The elephant in the room is

actually a cow

Animal agriculture is a leading driver of climate change, deforestation, loss of biodiversity and species extinction, as well as being a significant cause of pollution. Pretty ugly stuff, right?

We think people who recycle are cool and fighting food waste is fantastic. But the science suggests that one of the most effective ways we can all help tackle the climate crisis is by changing what we eat. Three times a day we have the power to fight with our forks.

By adopting a plant-based diet you can reduce your individual carbon footprint from food by up to 73%.* let that sink in for a minute…

We are confident that humans can repair the damage we have caused to our home. And deep down we believe that everyone wants peace and love. After all, our pizzas and the planet are rounded, that’s no coincidence.

Our aim is to educate and empower people to want to make more sustainable food choices. Pizza just seemed like a good place to start.

Pizza with purpose

Lower footprint

On average, our range of pizzas have a 47% lower carbon footprint than meat and dairy pizzas of the same flavours.

Top of the class

We also scored A and B ratings across the board, meaning we produce some of the lowest carbon emissions within our food category. Double win.

Looking ahead

Our mission is to lead the way on climate transparency in the hope that others will follow. Next stop? Becoming a B Corp. Watch this space.

Saving the planet, one slice at a time