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Mar 08, 23

2 minutes

Science is cool

We are mega proud of our new Carbon labels. Why? Because it helps us to quickly show everyone that choosing plant-based pizza, even if it’s just once in a while – can help to save the planet.

Guess what? A massive 25% of greenhouse gas emissions comes from food. This needs to be reduced to minimise the risks of climate change. And not just a little, a lot. That’s where us humans come in – as it all comes down to our choices.

We partnered with My Emissions who did all the science stuff for us (we do pizza, not science) and helped us to not only rate our products, but put the ratings and comparisons in to context.

Ready for the science bit? (Think less Jen Aniston, and more Brian Cox).

The ratings are worked out on a 5-point scale from A to E – with a traffic light system from Green to Red. A bit like appliances, food and other things you might see with a similar scale.

Data is collected to assess the Carbon Footprint of a product and then compared against a database which contains values from thousands of published ?life cycle assessments?. All results align with the GHG Protocol.

Currently, all of My Emissions? values take into account the four main stages of a food?s life cycle:

  • Farming, taking into account where the food was farmed
  • Processing,
  • Packaging (primary and secondary), and
  • Transport, including transport of ingredients and packaging to market
  • Every product or meal is rated from A, Very Low, to E, Very High. The rating system is based on carbon intensity (the per kg impact of the item).

And to help explain the ratings, with the help of My Emissions, we also now know exactly how our range compares to non plant-based pizzas of the same flavour – and on average across the range, the saving is a whopping 47% with a couple of standout heroes in the mix.

The CO2e savings from our Peppernomi Hero compared to a normal pepperoni pizza (swapping in non-vegan ingredients) saves the same emissions as one person taking a one-way trip on the Eurostar from London to Paris. Oooh La La – that’s Far!